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Anthony B

Tears of Luv

Anthony B's most recent album, featuring the singles "Mau Mau Warrior" and the combination with Sizzla and Capleton "Best of the Best," both of which have been received well at radio and by fans. In June, 2016 a playful, animated video for "Best of the Best" directed by Hermes Mangialardo was released through Reggaeville’s You Tube channel and has received over 150,000 views to date. Anthony B returns to the US for a headline appearance to close Reggae on the River in Humboldt, CA following a string of worldwide festival appearances.[MORE]

Round 74 New Music Solicitation

10 new CD Releases featuring some great artists and bands spanning Reggae, Dancehall, Jazz, Alternative, Indie, Synth Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Electro Pop, Punk, and Rockabilly!

Round 73 New Music Solicitation

4 new CD Releases featuring some great artists and bands spanning Folk, Reggae, Rock, and Jazz Fusion!

Round 72 New Music Solicitation

4 new CDs featuring great artists and bands spanning Fusion, Rock, Reggae, Dancehall, EDM, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and World!


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Pete Kronowitt

The hunger Americans feel for change is palpable, and San Francisco-based Pete Kronowitt voices this urgency adeptly in his newest album "A Lone Voice." The emotive songs fuse acoustic pop and indie-folk, while evoking an era when music was made to battle injustice. The album masterfully explores themes ranging from socio-political struggles to musings on the human condition. [MORE]